Wallsmacker Art


On this lovely, sunny May morning, my wife and I attended a delightful and moving service held at the St John the Baptist church at Boldre, near Brockenhurst..   The beautiful church was full almost to capacity, the congregation including all ages, including young members of the City of London Sea Cadets, through to veterans of the crew of HMS Hood who served prior to her final mission.  I feel very privileged to have met three of the veterans; very sprightly and interesting ninety-plus-year-olds, who were kind enough to sign ten prints of my painting of HMS Hood.  Rob White, co-ordinator of the Hood expedition 2001, was also present and added his signature to prints of both the Hood and Bismarck paintings.  Later in the day, I met with David Mearns, (leader of the deep sea search and co-writer with Rob of The Hood and The Bismarck) who signed alongside Rob.  For me, these signatures are very much the 'icing on the cake', which have turned the first ten prints into collector's items.  The signed prints of the HMS Hood painting have now been sold.  A few unsigned prints remain available.  There are also one or two signed paintings of the Bismarck available. 

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