Wallsmacker Art

Meet David Folland - Car Nut and Artist! 

Cars, bikes, racing, speed - these have always been my passion.  Painting I have always loved.  In Wallsmacker Art I aim to combine all this to produce exciting, original oil paintings that my fellow enthusiasts can enjoy.  From each painting, we produce a very limited edition of high quality giclee prints, which are available to purchase through the website. Because we consider it is important to see an original painting to appreciate its full impact, my originals can be viewed at various galleries in the UK.  However, if you are interested in purchasing an original, please feel free to contact me.

For me, Ferrari sums up all the passion of motorsport, which is what I try to capture in my paintings.  The 308 GTB QV (right) is my pride and joy! I have owned it now for fifteen years - not allowed out in bad weather, but every time I drive it I find it such a thrilling and enjoyable experience.  

For eleven years now, I have lived in Carmarthenshire, West Wales, just a few miles from the Pendine sands, famous for Babs (above) and the land speed record attempts of Parry Thomas.   

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Above: By popular demand, Hastings, my Old English Sheepdog is again making his appearance on the website! As you can see, here he would like to give me some advice on completing my painting of Jim Clark, using a large roller and a tin of Dulux! I think he should stick to looking after sheep!


Wall Smacker was the nickname of Peter De Paolo, winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1925.  This was a sobriquet afforded him by veteran drivers after he had wrecked five times in six starts at the beginning of what was to become an illustrious racing career. Also known as 'Pile-up Pete' he decided to retire following contact with an Indianapolis retainer wall at 145mph in 1928.  However, he briefly returned to the racing scene in 1934, but in Carcelona, after swerving at just 45mph to avoid three chidlren, he suffered the most serious injuries to date.  Eleven days unconscious, and blind for five weeks, he was fortunate to survive the incident, but it marked the finale of his career.

I could not resist using this name for my website!  For me, it symbolises the boldness and bravery of the pioneers of motorsport.  My ambition is to capture this spirit on canvas, in individual paintings, each of which tells its own story.  I have researched extensively each topic to produce, as far as possible, an authentic recreation that depicts the drama, speed and adrenalin-rush of the moment.  My aspiration is to 'smack the wall' with an eye-catching image of the excitement of the racing legends of yesteryear.  I hope very much that those who share my delight in the achievements of these ground-breaking drivers and mechanicians, will enjoy viewing my work.  

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